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Is it Easy to Upgrade Laptop RAM & SSD Storage?

Is it Easy to Upgrade Laptop RAM & SSD Storage?If you are wondering that can you upgrade your laptop’s RAM & SSD or HDD memory then the answer is yes but not every laptop’s hardware is upgradable, we will talk about that later in this post.

Now, if your new laptop becomes slow when you open to many tabs or do intensive or if your old laptop is performing underpower then upgrading the RAM and SSD or HDD can solve this issue.

And when you are planning to upgrade the storage we will recommend you to go for an SSD especially if you currently have and HDD installed since SSD will immensely improve the performance of your system.

Upgrade Laptop RAM & SSD Storage

The process of upgrading these two things is pretty simple but you should let a professional do it for you if you have no idea how to do that. Or instead, you can read the instructions we have mention below if you want to do it by your self.

Though the process is pretty simple it should be done carefully, after all, you are messing with the hardware. You can also visit to find out more technical information about this topic now lets jump straight into the article. 

1. Check the RAM Usage & Free Space First

Two of the main issues you could have to face when your laptop’s RAM is low and storage is running out of space are the bottleneck and slow performance, this even can affect the stability of your system.

So you should upgrade your RAM and storage if you want to do multitasking on your laptop smoothly without any slowdowns and performance hiccups. It will also help your laptop to cope up with intensive programs under workloads if you are a power user.

You can go to the Windows task manager in order to check the situation of your system memory and RAM usage. To open task manage simply press the Windows key and type it in the search or press Alt+Ctrl+Delete on your laptop and choose the task manager from the appeared options.

In the task manager click on the performance tab. Here the information will be shown in front of you in realtime.

2. Check if Your Laptop is Upgradable

As we have mentioned above that there are some laptops in which you can not upgrade the hardware like RAM and Storage, Since they have either memory soldered into the motherboard or they have sealed bottom.

In both of the above situations, you will not be able to upgrade your system and you will need to replace it with a new upgradeable laptop. It is worth mentioning the few laptops already come with maximum RAM memory so they will not simply recognize it when you will upgrade the RAM.

Crucial memory advisor tool is a program that can help you in finding out whether your laptop is upgradable or not. This program will show you the details like how many slots your laptop has and the maximum amount of memory it can handle after you will enter the brand name and exact model of your laptop.

Also, you will need to check whether your laptop has fitted with proper SSD / HDD or it has chip storage. If you have SSD, SSD M2 NVMe, or HDD then you can easily upgrade it but if there is chip then sadly it can not be upgraded. 

3. The Correct Way 

You can upgrade your laptop’s after getting your hands on the additional RAM memory you required, which is a fairly simple operation. Unplug the battery adapter after turning the laptop off.

Then open the back panel that covers the memory banks at the bottom of your laptop. To access memory and other components you may need to screw off the whole back of your laptop depending on your system.

Contact any metal surface inside the system like the back of the hard drive or a metal socket for another component before you touch anywhere else inside your laptop.

By doing so you will remove any static electricity that might possibly harm your body. The existing DIMMs will need to be taken out to get replaced if all of your memory slots are already filled in.

The clips holding it in place will need to be pushed apart in order to remove the memory module. The memory module will have an angle to spring up.

4. Be Very Careful 

Without touching the gold connectors at the bottom hold the memory module by its edges and lift it out, while doing this to not put too much force and try to be as gentle as you could.

With the gold edges facing downwards simply install the new modules at an angle of 45 degrees into your empty slots. To move them into place using even pressure at the top of the modules with your fingertips.

When you feel a DIMM snap in place with a satisfying click, until the module is installed flat and level firmly push back the module to make sure that clips are holding it securely.

That is it now you only have to start up your laptop to verify your new memory has been added by opening the task Manager or going to the System Information window. Upgrading the storage is not very simple however like you can upgrade the RAM. 

We will recommend you that if you do not have a proper idea of how to professionally remove the storage drive of your laptop whether it is an SSD or HDD, do not try it by yourself and let a professional do that for you.

Since SSD’s are costly and even a small mistake can damage it which you will not want to happen with you. Having said that if you upgrade both RAM and storage drive of your laptop you will notice an immense improvement in the performance of your device especially under the workload situations. 


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