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Best Black Friday Deals Laptops under 200 US $ in 2023

Black Friday Deals Laptops Under $200 in 2022As you may know laptop prices at the global level are going high and there are many reasons to blame so the Best time to buy a Cheap and Best Laptop Now via this Black Friday Deals Laptops under 200 US $.

Worldwide many businesses have suffered huge losses because of the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, because of the shortage of Silicon computer chips manufacturers are left with no choice but to raise the price of their products.

That is why finding a good laptop under the budget of $200 has become a very difficult task. But no need to worry since there are plenty of options out there in the market under this price tag that can fulfill your needs and requirements.

The first thing you have to remember when you are searching for a laptop under the price tag of $200 is that go for the better hardware instead of the exterior looks.

Because for best performance internal components like powerful processor matters more that’s why making some compromises on the exterior aesthetics can get you a power-packed laptop.


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Best Black Friday Deals Laptops under 200 US $ in 2023

In the market, because of so many options, any consumer can get confused about which laptop to choose.

Searching for the best laptop is a time-consuming task and also it requires some technical knowledge about the different hardware components of the device.

To save you energy and time we have compiled a list of Best Black Friday Deals Laptops under $200 already with their detailed reviews and real-life scenario test results.

Black Friday is the time when all the laptop brands’ office use price cuts and discounts on their products.

And it is also the best type to buy a laptop especially if you are searching for one under the price tag of $200.

Let’s begin the article to find you the Best Black Friday Deals Laptops under 200 US $.

Also, you can explore to find out plenty of more Black Friday laptop Deals that come with different price tags. 


1. Lenovo Chromebook S330

“Attractive Slim Design Packs Powerful Processor”

  • Exceptional Battery Backup
  • Good Connectivity Options
  • Includes USB-C
  • Slim Attractive Design
  • No Touch Screen
  • Only One Color Option

Lenovo Chromebook S330 not only offers Chrome OS but also it is capable of running Android apps smoothly. Many people have a misconception that Chromebooks can’t be your work laptop.

It could have been true to some level 5 or 6 years ago but nowadays Chromebooks are not only proving themselves worthy work laptops but also you can play intensive Android games on them.

The best thing about the Lenovo Chromebook S330 laptop is that it offers amazing battery time so you don’t have to carry a charger with you always.

Consumers who wanted a slim and lightweight work student laptop can consider it one of the best available options in the market right now.

If we talk about the display Innova Chromebook S330 offers you 14 inches HD 720p resolution.

This resolution is common in almost all laptops under the price tag of $200. However, one thing Lenovo should offer is touchscreen capabilities at least in another variant.

Having said that that’s moved onto the keyboard area, the keyboard itself is pretty comfortable and you enjoy typing on it.

The trackpad on the other hand is also responsive even from the corners and decently good sized considering it is a compact laptop.

The overall build quality is great despite the fact that it is made entirely out of plastic.

This is fine since in order to keep the overall price tag manufacturers have to compromise somewhere. The good thing is Lenovo hasn’t compromised at all on the hardware components.

Chromebook S330 comes equipped with a MediaTek MT8173C offering 4-cores and the maximum turbo boost frequency of 2.1 GHz.

It is paired with a PowerVR GX6250 graphics chip which even enables you to play Android games.



2. HP Stream (2019)

“Solid Performance & Great Battery Backup”

  • Performance is Great
  • Modern Design
  • Great Speakers
  • Compact & Portable
  • Gets Warm Under Intensive Load
  • Display Could Have Been Better

HP has introduced the Stream lineup for people who wanted the portability of a Chromebook in the Windows laptop. Considering the price tag HP Stream 14 inches laptop not only delivers great performance but also so despite being made out of plastic is well made.

The overall design looks clean and modern with all the essential connectivity options including an SD card reader. One unusual thing however is that it has all the ports on the left side and on the right side you can only connect the charger.

Although the design-wise HP Stream doesn’t look like a professional laptop but doesn’t let this minimal design confuse you. Since this laptop packs enough power to be able to perform any work-related task without showing a sign of stress.

It is one of the best options currently available in the market for those people who want to have a portable and compact Windows device to fulfill their work needs.

Students can also consider this laptop because it is easier to carry in a backpack and offers great performance with exceptional battery backup.

The display HP stream 14 inches laptop offers is 720p HD resolution. During a review, we found this display to be slightly dim as compared to what some other similarly priced laptops offer.

The keyboard it features provides you enjoyable typing experience with a comparatively comfortable palm rest area. The trackpad on the other hand is not huge but definitely responsive and more than enough to do its job perfectly.

An Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor powers up the HP Stream 14 inches laptop and it offers a maximum turbo boost speed of 2.6 GHz. On purchasing this laptop on the occasion of Black Friday you can save up to $85.



3. HP Chromebook

“Gorgeous Looking Value for Money Device”

HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop - Up to 15 Hour Battery Life -...
  • Display: 14″ HD 1366 x 768, Anti-glare
  • Processor:  MediaTek MT8183, 8-Core, 2 GHz
  • Graphics Card: ‎MediaTek Integrated Graphics
  • RAM & Storage: ‎4 GB LPDDR4, ‎32 GB eMMC
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Battery Timing: Up to 15.45 Hours 
  • Gorgeous Looks & Design
  • Pretty Decent Display
  • Value for Money
  • Great Battery Backup
  • Keyboard is Cramped
  • Trackpad is Average

After reviewing so many laptops we can surely say that this HP 11 inches Chromebook has some really gorgeous looks and attractive designs, especially the invite color scheme.

This laptop has also proved itself to be capable of handling professional work and student-related tasks pretty well. However, since HP Chromebook 11 inches is a budget-friendly device there are a few drawbacks as well which are worth mentioning and we’ll cover them later in this review.

At the back of the display lid, you will find two brandings, on the top left corner Chromebook and in the center HP’s Trademark logo in Shiny silver.

Despite being made out of plastic everything is well put together with no manufacturing faults and uneven gaps. This HP Chromebook 14-inch continues white color on the keyboard keys as well which, to be honest, looks very sleek.

Talking of the keyboard we must include that during a review were found this keyboard to be cramped and typing on this keyboard is just satisfactory.

The same goes for the trackpad which is pretty average and doesn’t respond great while using it. If you face these issues in a touchscreen laptop you have the option to use the touchscreen instead of a keyboard or trackback.

But since this HP Chromebook 11 inch is not a touchscreen you have to compromise if you want the power it packs under the $200 price tag. This laptop comes equipped with a MediaTek MT8183 which offers 8-Cores and the maximum turbo boost speed of 2 GHz.

That is why performance wise this HP Chromebook 11 inches laptop can handle multitasking pretty well. On the occasion of this Black, Friday HP is offering up to $81 discount on this Chromebook.



4. ASUS VivoBook L203MA

“Great Features & Top-Notch Performance”

  • Attractive Appearance
  • Portable & Compact
  • Slim Design
  • USB Type-C Included
  • Viewing Angles Are Narrow
  • Average WebCam

One thing we have always praised about Asus is that they know how to design good laptops and they do it pretty well even in their budget devices like Asus Vivobook.

This laptop is entirely made out of plastic but still, the build quality is exceptional and there are no uneven gaps with everything well put together.

The quality of the plastic feels great and usually, you expect this kind of quality in higher-end laptops. On top of that Asus Vivobook is slim sleek and lightweight which enables you to carry it easily.

This laptop is specifically intended for consumers who require traveling for work or they have to work on the go. The disc plate features 11.6 inches with a resolution of 720p.

This display configuration is pretty common among laptops under a price tag of $200. So if you consider the price this display seems to be pretty decent.

On both sides of the Asus Vivobook, you will find essential ports to connect all of your devices with convenience including the USB type-C. The keyboard it is pretty comfortable to type on but has one drawback it is not backlit.

The trackpad on the other hand is decently big and responsive as well even if you use it from the corners. An Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor capable of a Max turbo boost speed of 2.6 GHz paired with Intel integrated graphics enables this device to perform well under professional work-related and education-related tasks.

Overall Asus Vivobook laptop is a great package if you want a compact and portable notebook under the price tag of $200. Also if you ordered this laptop on the occasion of Black Friday you can save up to 78 dollars on purchasing it.



5. ASUS Chromebook CX1

“Strong Build Quality & Great Battery Backup”

  • Strong & Sturdy Build Quality
  • Responsive Trackpad
  • Tactical Keyboard
  • Good Port Selection
  • Outdated Design
  • Responsive But Small Trackpad

The thing which impresses is the most about the Asus Chromebook CX1 is its strong and sturdy build quality. Normally higher-end laptops offer this kind of well-built at a comparatively much higher price tag.

If you can ignore the slightly outdated color scheme of silver in gray this laptop is pretty decent in look and feel under the budget of $200.

The purpose of this laptop is not to offer fancy looks, it is intended for those people who want it isn’t a performing laptop with a high build quality.

The only luxury thing on the back of the display is The trademark logo of Asus embedded in Chrome. On the top left corner, you will find the emblem of Chromebook in the respective colors.

We were pleased to notice during our review that viewing angles on this 11.6 HD 720p display are pretty decent with a good screen-to-body ratio.

Connectivity wise Asus had made sure to include all the necessary ports so you can connect your essential devices with convenience. Another plus point for the Asus Chromebook CX1 laptop is that it actually offers a tactical keyboard which is a huge bonus under the price tag of $200.

Because normally we have seen that 11.6 inches laptops majority of the time have cramped keyboards. Thankfully it is not the case with this Asus Chromebook since the keyboard is pretty comfortable to type on for even longer periods of time.

The trackpad on the other hand is responsive despite the fact that it is comparatively small. Asus Chromebook CX1 is powered by an Intel Celeron processor as you can expect in a laptop under this budget.



6. HP Stream 14-Inch

“Windows Laptop With The Portability of a Chromebook”

  • Compact & portable
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Fast Storage Device
  • Viewing Angles are Slightly Narrow
  • Speaker Are Average

This new HP Stream 14 inches laptop is among the most lightweight and easy-to-carry laptops with a clean slim design. The best thing about this laptop is its portability, it can easily fit in your lap if you work on the go or while traveling.

The review unit we got was in a black color scheme including the keyboard however HP has introduced many other color choices with white keyboard keys.

Although it is made out of plastic still it looks high quality and the overall experience is attractive especially if you get this laptop in purple or Aqua blue color schemes.

That keyboard HP Stream 14-inch laptop features is extremely comfortable to type on even for longer periods of time. You don’t have to worry about recharging it because the battery backup is exceptionally great. Despite being a small-sized trackpad it is surprisingly responsive even from the corners.

The palm rest area around the trackpad has a brushed finish which makes it look like metal. The display HP Stream features 14 inches with a resolution of 720p.

Considering the price tag the display is pretty decent however the bottom border of the screen is comparatively big. One annoying thing about the display worth mentioning here is that its viewing angles are pretty narrow.

All the most used connections and ports are available but for some strange reason on the left side. The right side only has the connection for the charger.

The performance of the HP Stream 14-inch laptop is great since it comes equipped with an Intel Celeron N4000 offering dual-core capabilities with a maximum turbo boost speed of 2.6 GHz. HP is offering a discount of $20 on this HP Stream 14 inches laptop on the occasion of Black Friday.



7. Lenovo IdeaPad 3

“Top-Notch Build Quality With modern Looks”

  • Lightweight & Portable 
  • Great Battery Backup
  • Good Build Quality 
  • Comfortable Keyboard
  • TouchPad is Clumsy
  • Display Borders Are Big

With the introduction of Chromebook 3, Lenovo has proved once again they know how to make good laptops. The laptop is well built with stylish looks and lightweight aesthetics.

The overall slim design and textures on the display lid make this laptop look like a premium costly device. Although the keyboard deck area flexes slightly when you put pressure it is kind of expected in almost every plastic build laptop under this price range.

When you open the display lid first thing that disappoints you is the bottom border of the screen which is big. You will not be expecting that in an exterior-wise stylish and modern-looking laptop.

The display Lenovo Chromebook 3 features is 11 inches with a resolution of 720p HD. Under this price tag, this display resolution is normal and almost found in every other similar laptop.

Connectivity wise Lenovo has equipped Chromebook with every essential port so you can conveniently connect all of your essential devices with that.

We were pleased to find that this Chromebook has a USB type-c charging connection which again you don’t find usually in budget laptops. That keyboard is surprisingly comfortable and you enjoy typing on it, all the keys are decently big with clear pressure points.

The trackpad, on the other hand, is not so good, firstly the size of the trackpad is rather small even for the 11-inch laptop and secondly, it doesn’t respond accurately most of the time.

The processor you will find in this Lenovo Chromebook 3 is an Intel Celeron-N4020, featuring 2-Cores and a maximum turbo boost speed of 2.80 GHz.



8. Acer Chromebook 512

“Full HD Plus Display With High-End Features”

Acer Chromebook 512 Laptop | Intel Celeron N4020 | 12" HD+...
  • Display: 12″ HD plus ‎1366 x 912, IPS
  • Processor:  Intel Celeron N4020, 2-Core, 2.80 GHz
  • Graphics Card: ‎‎‎Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • RAM & Storage: 4 GB LPDDR4, ‎32 GB eMMC
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Battery Timing: Up to ‎12 Hours
  • Gorgeous FHD+ Display 
  • Amazing Battery Backup
  • Comfortable Keyboard
  • Tight eMMC Storage 
  • slightly Thick

Chromebooks have come a long way from just being a browsing laptop to being capable of handling professional work and education purposes.

With every other brand competing to capture this Chromebooks segment, Acer one of the most well-known brands globally has also recently launched the Chromebook 512.

The company has designed this laptop with maximum productivity in mind. Although you cannot expect a metal build and this price tag however Acer has done great with the overall design styling.

Also, this Chromebook offers some high-end features you normally don’t get in this segment. This specific laptop has two variants one of them being 2 in 1 convertible, but here we are reviewing the non-touch version.

Connectivity wise Acer Chromebook 512 offers a decent amount of ports to connect all of your essential devices and it also includes USB Type-C which is unusual in this price range.

The display you will get is FHD Plus with a resolution of 1366 x 912. The Acer Chromebook 512 also comes equipped with built-in virus protection to ensure the safety of your data.

The keyboard it features is comfortable to type with clear pressure points. The trackpad is surprisingly big despite the fact that it is a 14 inches Chromebook and it is also responsive even from the corners.

Which becomes really useful while using the gestures feature to operate more conveniently. Acer Chromebook 512 comes loaded with an Intel Celeron N 4020 Dual Core processor offering a maximum turbo boost speed of 2.60 GHz.

If you order this Chromebook on the occasion of Black Friday you can get a discount of $85 on the purchase.



Conclusion about Best Black Friday Deals Laptops under 200 US $

Here you go with that list of Best Black Friday Deals Laptops under 200 US $ with their detailed reviews and test results. Getting the best laptop under the budget of $200 is not impossible because a lot of brands are offering decent devices in this budget segment.

First of all the requirements of the laptop depends on the purpose for which you are buying it.

Apart from the hardware configurations the weight and battery backup of a laptop also matters.

Slim and lightweight laptops are easier to carry and ideal for people who work on the go or travel to work on a daily basis.

Laptops with a good battery backup enable you to work without worrying about recharging.

The performance of the laptop mainly depends on the processing power of the CPU, the installed amount of memory, and graphics chips.

Processes that offer multiple cores boost the overall performance of the laptop, especially while multitasking. Fast and Snappy SSD storage also places its part while transferring data at high speed.

To ensure you get maximum productivity out of your laptop we have a specific focus on the above-mentioned requirements during reviews and testing.

We have only mentioned those laptops which have performed exceptionally well in real-life scenarios.

On the occasion of Black Friday, you can also get premium laptops which on normal days don’t get fit in the $200 price range.

Since every consumer has different requirements and needs we have tried our best to include those laptops above which can fulfill those needs in the best way possible under the price tag of $200.

If you are still not sure which laptop you should choose then you should read our detailed laptop buying guide to help you out.

Also so don’t forget to visit for even more Black Friday laptop deals and their related accessories.


Best Laptop Buying Guide in 2023 | IntoLaptop


  • Laptop Brand: Which Brand’s Laptop is your priority?
  • Display Size: Which Screen Size will you prefer?
  • Performance: Which CPU will you need?
  • Graphics Card: Which GPU will you like to have? 
  • RAM & Storage: How much RAM & Storage is needed?
  • Operating System: Which Operating System you want to have?
  • Battery Life: How much battery life do you expect?
  • Work Purpose: Know the purpose and buy a Laptop tailored for your work purpose.
  • Budget: Find the Laptop within your budget.

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